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Money Grab – escape from your old bank with cash

July 25th, 2012

As part of the [my]bank campaign TSB Bank asked Momentum Studios to work with them to create a game aimed at the younger demographic which would help encourage the uptake of the mobile application from new customers. After brainstorming a number of ideas the banks digital marketing specialist proposed a pennies from heaven concept.

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Strange happenings on the dark side of the Moon

June 16th, 2010


In 2008 we had an opportunity to work on a interesting project with the creator of the Moonjoos line of vodka jellos.

Aidan wanted to create an experience site where the legend of the brand could be developed. So working with our friends Digitalus we set to and devised a world on the dark side of the moon where men were tempted by beautiful maidens on earth, kidnapped and then set to work as slaves of the Moonjoos Corporation, mining, distilling and packaging the famous Moonjoos brand of vodka jellies.


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A roundup of animation, vfx and tech news

May 31st, 2010

The process of 3D Animation is magical and obscure to the general public and often even some of our clients. This humorous video is an entertaining watch and goes a long to help explain the process.

YouTube Preview Image

The problem with 3D animation appearing so bewitching and almost anything being possible, is that people don’t understand certain 3D workflows can be extremely linear, and therefore certain things cannot be adjusted after the fact, without losing a great amount of work (this video is highly simplified, but it presents a few of these issues clearly).
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CryEngine: At the Bleeding edge of real time computer graphics and gaming since 2004

August 24th, 2009


Far Cry was a technical marvel five years ago, coming from Crytek a fresh start-up company in Germany, the game stood out for its tropical island setting, breaking stereotypical industrial complexes, and hard surfaces present in most other first-person-shooting games. The player could see many kilometres (PC version especially, lack of RAM on consoles), the water was very realistic, and the player could use various vehicles, such as speed boats, hand gliders, trucks, etc. This mix proved hugely successful, and Far Cry become one of the top selling games of that year. The game run on the CryEngine (1.0), which was extremely fast at rendering indoor and outdoor environments, with realistic lighting. Let’s take a look at the evolution of the CryEngine up to the current version.

Oh and off topic, check out the much anticipated Avatar trailer here (get the full HD one!). Also check out Embassy’s work (Modelling,UV’s) with Luxology Modo on District 9 here at CGSociety, or a more general overview at VFXWorld.

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