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Autodesk SketchBook Mobile for iPhone or iPod Touch

September 18th, 2009


Above: Artist sketching using multi-touch, to zoom into details. Check out video here

Do you need to sketch on the move or jot some notes down, in a natural and unobtrusive way? Autodesk have just announced and released a mobile version (iPod Touch and iPhone)¬†of their dedicated sketching software, Sketchbook Pro 2010. While the mobile version doesn’t feature all the features present in the desktop version, it still features a gesture based interface, layers, a variety of soft, and hard brushes, pencils, photo import, texture brushes, airbrushes, and custom colour palettes. Also the application is built around multi-touch, you can zoom, crop, rotate, etc with multiple fingers. Check out full feature list here. Or a video showing some of the features here. Keep on reading for my thoughts on the PC version, and why I think this application has something to do with the highly rumoured Apple Tablet.

Update: Check out this leaked concept video for Microsoft’s own tablet

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