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October 14th, 2009


-  An interesting read about Curious Film, a leading New Zealand Production company, which uses Autodesk Flame for High profile NZ advertising (Such as Tui),  from Autodesk Area.

“Introducing the bra that is meant to be taken off” (Bra that doubles as two gas masks!) , article by CNet

- Photoshop Cs5 preview of fast new algorithms for image editing here. Also it seems Adobe are finally are going to redevelop the brush engine, to be more advanced like Corel Painter. Hopefully once this tech demo is implemented into Photoshop, there will a wide assorment of specific brushes, grouped into logical categories, like the excellent collection of brushes and tools found in Corel Painter. This last link shows off redeveloped healing brush, patch tool, and content aware filling.


Full length Toy Story 3 trailer now available, looks great at 1080p

- For those of you lucky enough to have a touch screen and Windows 7, Bumptop now supports touch input! Which seems like a natural fit for a product that was created from ground up to mimmick the way a person uses a real desk.

- Awesome new video about Cry Engine 3, and its technical abilities (note: next gen ready logo, that must mean Ps4, Xbox 720). I love the “Real Time. All The Time” quote, I wish Maya had a similar philosophy and technical abilities.

- A video of Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin of Creaturebox using SketchbookPro to symmetrically sketch an awesome character design called Robo Lobster.

- Nvidia releases details of a their next generation graphics architecture, the biggest revamp in the last few years, called Fermi. Fermi features twice the transistor count of Nvidia GT200, superior GDD5 RAM, and further expansion into general purpose computing, with features such as error correcting, and other fancy things I don’t quite understand. Anyway everyone is making a big deal of it, and think it shows Nvidia is making a conscious road map to making GPU’s the main processor (or only processor) in your computer, but then the GPU term becomes a bit of a misnomer anyway…Details here and here

- Wacom has released their first combined traditional pen tablet with multi-touch finger interaction. The tablet is a second generation Bamboo, a line of tablets designed for enthusiasts, official Wacom video here, and unofficial product review here. Be interesting to see what happens in this next couple of years with the Intuos product line…


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